MAERA TEXTILES, based in Thessaloniki, breaks the "work uniforms" establishment, creating high-end, innovative design garments, special quality and aesthetics specifications, for every professional.

The identity of MAERA TEXTILES stands for prodo-moda and not on fashion.

The identity of MAERA TEXTILES stands for prodo-moda and not on fashion. For every cloth. For every post. For every professional space. For every person who wears it.

Each costume is literally cut and sewn to the measures of every employee in a company. With excellent materials. With top quality fabrics, healthy, soft, comfortable and durable.

And why all this? Because nobody wants to wear uniforms. The industrialized garment will never feature a nice, well-knit body, nor it will emphasize the youthful vigor of a receptionist or waiter. It will always be impersonal, charmless and without interest.

H MAERA TEXTILES kick out the "job form".

H MAERA TEXTILES establishes a stylish professional garment that brings smiles, confidence, dignity, satisfaction.

To the employee. To the investor. To the customer.


At the same time, MAERA TEXTILES 'unlocks' the mistaken belief of many that quality is pricelessly priceless.

Here, products are made available in a qualitative and economical way, because in fact the professional garment does not stop to be consumable.

As a company, MAERA TEXTILES builds more friendly than customer relationships, because it has all those features of a friend - partner has. Respect for the need to be satisfied, care in execution, consistency in quality, on time, at prices and after sales personal service.

From Opinions & Views by jounarlist Eleni Makridou

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