The lobby in a hotel or restaurant is the mirror of its aesthetic identity. The look and the smiles of the people who welcome and serve every customer is very important because it is the first image that will impress him.

Gorgeous and original collections that highlight the beauty of people, creations of costume designer Mary Krasanaki - Theodorakis, win the favor of hotels and restaurants owners and the wide smiles of the employees who wear them.

MAERA TEXTILES is a production company of profession cloths characterized by high aesthetics and tailoring quality. Top quality’s fabrics are also used, that are healthy, soft, comfortable and very durable to create original designs, unique for every individual job.

In a hotel, separate uniforms for men and women are designed and sewn for each post: reception, directors, chef, sous chef, waiter, bar-tender, maître, groom, maid, lounge, cooks, maintainers, gardeners, grooms.

MAERA TEXTILES professional clothing, respect the international dress code of every specialty but they are, in the same time, elegant, comfortable, original, with aesthetic interference that refreshes the boring style of a "uniform" and they raise the psychology of the wearer as well as the employer who invests in luxury clothing, paying at incredibly affordable prices.

Article in Hotel Tips for Shopping Magazine

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