The Greek community in Germany and the USA have trusted the name MAERA TEXTILES for many years and is excited about every innovation we introduce in designing professional clothes for their restaurants and hotels.

Today, MAERA TEXTILES has fifty salesmen, only in Europe and the USA. The number of its customers is growing rapidly, conquering Greece and new markets."

The "soul" of the company, clothes designer Mrs. Mary Krasanaki – Theodorakis, talking to an interview, emphasized to the fact of starting by Greeks abroad.

With two suitcases full of my dreams on the cloth, I traveled and sampled Greek restaurateurs and hoteliers. My work was warmly received and this gave me the wings to continue.

»Apart from the original designs, were also appreciated the very good quality of the fabrics, which I persistently choose to be healthy, (cotton long), soft, for great movement comfort and extremely durable.

»With my partners we create professional clothing that lasts 4 years. We provide warranty, ISO certification and strict instructions about washing and maintenance."

Part of Ms Mary Krassanaki - Theodorakis interview 14/10/2019 on 14/10/2019