• Maera textiles

    MAERA TEXTILES establishes a stylish professional garment that brings smiles, confidence, dignity, satisfaction. To the employee. To the investor. To the customer.

    Δημιουργούμε συλλογές στολών υψηλής αισθητικής

Our business garments:

  • They are made of high quality fabrics, soft, indelible, durable and healthy.
  • They are made exactly to the measure of each employee, so that they are comfortable and elegant on him as he works.
  • They follow the international dress code of each specialty and fashion trends but innovate with aesthetic interventions that renew the boring style of a "uniform" and raise the psychology of the employee who wears it.
  • They are very well made.
  • They can be embroidered with the company's logo, in a masterful way, in order to decorate the garment, giving the feeling of the existence of a piece of jewelry on it.
  • All clothing sets can be accompanied by stylish accessories (ties, bow ties, straps, scarves, hats, etc.).
  • They cover every specialized need of the customer.
  • They take off the term uniform and impose that of prondo moda luxury uniform.
  • They are available at incredibly affordable prices.



The costume designer Mrs. Mary Krasanaki - Theodoraki creates unique and original collections of professional clothing and signs them under the name MAERA TEXTILES

MAERA TEXTILES is a dynamic and fast-growing company, which has crossed the Greek borders and is spreading in the European and American markets.

We have been active, for the past 15 years, in the field of production and distribution of staff clothing, high aesthetics and sewing, in original designs, unique for each business and for each individual job.